Hey all!

Thanks to all of you who made it a point to come say “Hello” at WIZARD WORLD: OHIO this past weekend!

It was great to kick it with so many old friends (Laura, Eric, Victor, Johnboy, Tom, Rica, Michael, Rik, Ally, Jen, etc.) and meet so many new ones.

If you were there, you know who you are. THANK YOU.

People who know me well know I’m not a fan of “selfies” (that’s the term, right?), but I try to make it a point to take pictures whenever I go to a show or do a signing… some that really reflect the experience.

At WIZARD WORLD: OHIO one of the things I heard over and over and over again from people who came by my table was along the lines of this:

“This is my/our first show.”

The other thing that really struck me about this show was how many families were present, many of them in costumes like this:

WW Ohio 2013

I remember in the not-too-distant past when comic shows were mainly comprised of adolescent guys, and to see so many men, women, children and families there — all having a great time both with and without costumes — was not only really exhilarating to me, but also a reminder of how far the comic industry has come.

My next stop in my “13 Shows in 13 Weeks” signing tour is at Seann’s Anime & Comics in Sylvania, Ohio on Saturday, September 28th from 2 PM to 7 PM.

Maybe I’ll see you (yes… YOU!) there, yeah?

Your friend in comics,