Hey all!

This past Saturday at Comics & More in Madison Heights, Michigan was a first for me, best summed-up in the photo below, taken by me from my table where I was signing comics and — just a short time earlier — gave a nice little presentation on writing for comics (and specifically working with artists) taken in part from my book WRITE OR WRONG: A WRITER’S GUIDE TO CREATING COMICS.

Sorry… I’m rambling. Here’s the photo in question:

Voyag3r @ Comics & More

And yes, that’s a live band playing at my comic signing.

The craziest part, though, is that Voyag3r used to be a metal band called Forge many years ago… who I knew in my old music journalism days. Neither they not I made the connection until the show, though (and comic shop owner Chris Brown had *no* idea — how could he?) — and that made the day’s festivities even more fun…

And, oh, the festivities we had!

Along with the aforementioned signing, the WRITE OR WRONG panel, and Voyag3r’s amazing performance, after the show myself, my traveling companions Jeff and “Big D” joined Chris Brown, Scott Smits (editor of AW YEAH COMICS, which was just announced as having been picked-up by Dark Horse), Erick¬†Gutierrez, Chad¬†Derdowski and more for some wonderful grub at IMPERIAL in Ferndale, followed by going to see Secret Chiefs 3 opening for Goblin!

If there are better ways to spend a Saturday in October, I’ve yet to experience them.

I am going to try to at least match this one this Saturday, though, when I pull a DOUBLE-APPEARANCE at the FLINT HORROR CON during the day, followed by dinner with an old friend and then a special midnight signing at RUPP’S COMICS in Fremont, Ohio that night as part of his annual October Midnight Sale.

Hopefully I’ll see some of you there!

Your friend in comics,
Dirk Manning