Hey all!

After a very busy Spring convention tour circuit — including my debut appearances at both Derby City Comic Con and Special Edition: New York Comic Con, I now finally have the time to sit down and chat with all of you for a few minutes about how things went and what the future holds! Yay!

(That being said, though, if you want shorter, more instantaneous updates, feel free to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram @DirkManning, as I post at all of those locations with more more frequency than I am able to do so here.)

(Fun Fact: Despite working with Len since 2001, this was the first time we ever met in person!)

Frequent NIGHTMARE WORLD artist Leonard O’Grady, letterer extraordinaire Jim Reddington, and myself — all together for the first time — at Special Edition: New York Comic Con! (June 2014)

As can be expected, things have been very busy for me.

After a few small hiccups all of the TALES OF MR. RHEE: “Procreation (of the Wicked)” books/etc shipped, thus successfully closing-out my first Kickstarter campaign with Devil’s Due. As of this writing, the first two issues of the prequel/sequel TALES OF MR. RHEE: “Karmageddon” are now in PREVIEWS, meaning you can (and should!) pre-order them via your local comic shop. This new series, which I describe as “Lone Wolf and Cub during the Biblical Armageddon” — is the first time I’m publishing original creator-owned work as a four-issue mini-series (as opposed to jumping straight to the TPB collection), so I most heartily encourage all of you to pre-order copies of the first two issues (as well as Issues #3 and #4, of course!) as they’re solicited. To say that artist Seth Damoose and Anthony Lee — both of whom I’ve previously worked with on NIGHTMARE WORLD stories together — are doing the best work of their individual and combined careers on “Karmageddon” is not at all an exaggeration, bur rather a straight-up fact… as will be proved in August, September, November and December, respectively.

(Yes, we’re doing a mid-series “skip month” in October… but it’s all part of the plan, my friends. Besides… you’re doing to need the time to catch your breath after the first two issues!)

That aside, I’m very excited to be hitting the road in August with new material. I’ve updated the “Signings and Appearances” page with a slew of newly posted appearances, and will be updating it with a few more in the next week or three, so be sure to check it (and/or my Facebook/Twitter) frequently as the last set of fall dates are announced.

“Life on the Road” aside, it should also be noted that, along with TALES OF MR. RHEE: “Karmageddon” being published this fall by Devil’s Due, I’ll also have stories in not one, not two, but THREE upcoming anthologies! I’m doing a humorous (and true!) ghost story titled “I Ain’t Superstitious”  for the THEN IT WAS DARK horror anthology, my old-school (and previously online only) NIGHTMARE WORLD story “Happiness in Slavery”(illustrated by Mark Winters) is a going to be part of the Nine Inch Nails-inspired anthology NOTHING CAN STOP ME NOW under the new title “Just Like You Imagined” (although the story itself is exactly the same), and I have a third-story — which I can’t talk about yet — appearing in a HUGE (and EXTREMELY high profile) horror anthology that I can’t talk about yet… although I will say that this particular anthology is a sequel that also has the word “Dark” in the title. Heh.

So… that’s that. Check out the “Signings and Appearances” tab at the top of the page to see if/when I’ll be coming to your area, and then plan on swinging-out to say hello accordingly… cool?

I’ll post here again soon(-ish) with more news about projects and such… and maybe even give you all some exclusive hints (or at least cryptic teases about the #TheDirkestTimeline event that will be happening in April 2015.


Your friend in comics,
Dirk Manning