Here’s a List of the Books and Stories I Have CONFIRMED As Coming Out in the Next Year:

  • “Cognitive Dissonance” — A 100% true autobiographical ghost story(!!!) in the upcoming horror comic anthology THEN IT WAS DARK, edited and spear-headed by Sarah Benkin. Sires Black has illustrated this story in an amazing manga-ish style, and he brought it to life better than I thought ANYONE could.
  • “Kingmakers” — This is a supernatural mafia story written by me and illustrated by Seth Damoose (of TALES OF MR. RHEE: “Karmageddon” fame) for the UNLAWFUL GOOD anthology by Heather Antos. The main character is a very minor character from one of my favorite NIGHTMARE WORLD stories who I fell in love with the moment I wrote him, and I’m tickled that I’m getting to tell (at least) one more story with him.
  • TALES OF MR. RHEE: “Karmageddon” collection — Yes, we will be doing another Kickstarter campaign to give all of you who pledge an opportunity to own a Kickstarter-Exclusive HARDCOVER version of the book… as well as some other cool extras.

Here’s a List of the Books and Stories I Have IN PROGRESS for Release in the Next Year(ish):

  • TALES OF MR. RHEE: “Whoever Fights Monsters…” — Volume 3 of TALES OF MR. RHEE will bring us back to the present, and in it we will really (RHEE-ly) start to flesh out the world and supporting cast of TALES OF MR. RHEE even more, using a NIGHTMARE WORLD-style of delivery: Five issues by five artists/art teams (one per issue) each focusing on a different character as part of one large (and progressive) uber-story as Mr. Rhee (and Charity!) decide what to do next in regards to The P.R.O.M.I.S.E. Group, Faust/Ranobus, Thelma Lushkin/Dumashine Enterprises, and more. A tentative artist line-up is in place, including another fan-favorite horror comic artist for the cover, and, I gotta tell ya’, this will be the most exciting and thrilling story-arc of the series yet. I’m RHEE-ly excited about sharing what’s next for our favorite paranormal troubleshooter as he tries to decide what comes next, who he can trust, and how far he’s willing to go in his quest to make the world a safer place… or at least one he’s more comfortable living in.
  • WRITE OR WRONG Volume 2 — Yes, it has a title… no, I’m not ready to say what it is yet. Finding the right title was the trickiest part of getting moving on this second installment, as I knew I needed just the right title to really “focus” the book around the themes I wanted to touch upon, which is basically “what comes next” in regards the next steps after you’re successfully making comics. As an independent creator, how do you market and sell them… and yourself? Should you do conventions? How many? And how do you make them work? All of this and more will be covered inĀ WRITE OR WRONG Volume 2. Just like how WRITE OR WRONG: “A Writer’s Guide to Creating Comics” broke new ground in regards to helping aspiring creators make comics, my goal is for the new book to yet again serve as a groundbreaking “Bible” for people who want some straight talk and advice about how to MAINTAIN being a comic creator.
  • LOVE STORIES ABOUT DEATH: THE COLLECTED EDITION — A year or so ago I was able to release two brand-new 22-page horror stories in one epic flip-book titled LOVE STORIES (TO DIE FOR) from Image Comics/Shadowline. I’m very proud of the book, which is now completely sold-out and unavailable for purchase except through the secondary market. As those of you who’ve followed my online work for a while now know, we also did three more one-shots online (a zombie story, a pro-wrestling story, and a guardian angel story) through the Shadowline website… but they were never collected in print. There’s also one more story currently in production, so don’t be surprised if/when you see a collected version of all SIX stories (at least) collected in one big TPB collection of some sort, as the stories are all too fantastic to NOT be available in print…
  • #4 — Yes, really. (And if you don’t know what I’m referring by saying #4, dang, you better ask somebody!)

Aside from all these listed projects, I also have some other really cool work-for-hire projects and anthology contributions lined-up… but I think what’s listed above is enough of a Halloween “treat” for now, don’t you?

Thank you all for all the support you’ve shown me over the past few months. Here’s to our best year yet, and I look forward to seeing a lot of you on the road in November as this latest tour starts to wrap-up!

See the “Signing and Appearances” tab to see if I’ll be in your area, and if so, let’s hang out, yeah? Maybe I can even give you some more hints about what’s to come in the next year…

Your friend in comics,
Dirk Manning