As much as it pains me to take July off from touring ever year, I’ve found that — for a road warrior like myself — it’s a much needed four weeks off that allows me to focus on writing, recharging, just re-centering a bit. Along with rediscovering my elliptical machine and enjoying the health benefits of exercise and a diet that didn’t consist of ice cream, Shirley Temples, and other “road food, I was able to take some time to really sit down and plot out my book release schedule for 2016 (and even a bit into 2017)… and things are looking both very busy and very exciting.


A few weeks ago I was interviewed by “The Indie Huntress” Crystal O’Rourke for comic book website The Outhousers, and she wasted no time delving right into some of the hardest-hitting questions that many of you, too, ask me about when we see each other at conventions… including about a certain… Volume 4. Yes… THAT Volume 4. Should you want the skinny on that and more, I highly recommend you take a moment to read the interview HERE!

Sketch Cover TPBs

Also,  I prepare to hit the road with a pretty extensive tour schedule over the next few months (see the “Signings and Appearances” tab), I’m excited to announce that, along with the new printings of the TALES OF MR. RHEE Volume 1 TPB and the brand new Volume 2 TPBs (hardcovers from the Kickstarter are still being bounce by the printer), I’ll have a limited number of SKETCH COVER tpbs of TALES OF MR. RHEE Volume 1! Want your favorite artist to commission of the cover of the book just for you? Or perhaps do you want me to write you a personalized flash-fiction short story on yours? Come see me EARLY at one of my upcoming signing appearances and one of these extRHEEmly (heh) limited gems can be yours!

I’ll also have a VERY limited quantity of the “Dirk Alert!” and “Tales of Mr. Rhee: Who Do You Trust?” T-shirts with me at my next several conventions and signing appearances. If you want one, again, come see me at an appearance ASAP… or e-mail me in advance (you can use the “Contact” button at the top of the page or get in touch via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr) and I’ll make sure I have one in your size and put aside for ya’.

Dirk Alert  -- Final T-shirt Design
Rhee-T-Shirt -- Book Ad

(NOTE: You can get either shirt in any color you want, as long as that color is black.)

As always, I look forward to seeing many of you on the road this month, and/or stay in touch via any of the above-listed social media platforms or, if you’re brave enough, The F(r)iends of Dirk Manning Support Group!

Let’s talk soon!

Your friend in comics,
Dirk Manning