Hey all!

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me or follows my work and exploits on social media (mainly Facebook, but also Twitter and Instagram) that I tend to stay pretty busy between a steady release of books throughout the year as well as a pretty consistent touring schedule. (If you know anyone else who released two full graphic novels, a one-shot comic, a story in a prose anthology — and launched two successful Kickstarter campaigns — all while also being a guest at 28 conventions and/or in-store signing appearances — double-check to make sure you’re not confusing them with me.)

That being said, as I type this update on January 1st, 2018, it looks like the year ahead is going to be my biggest yet in terms of sheer output alone (with eight books and one tabletop game already announced), and that’s to say nothing of the thirteen (and counting) convention and signing appearances I’m already committed to from coast to coast this coming year.

Quite frankly, the $45K+ success of the NIGHTMARE WORLD OMNIBUS, combined with the $26K+ TALES OF MR. RHEE Volume 4 Kickstarter in 2017 really cleared a lot of space in my “mental bandwidth,” allowing me to turn my attention not only to releasing both those books in 2018, but also numerous others with friends and collaborators who I’ve wanted to work with on new projects for years.

Those of you who subscribe to my monthly newsletter (you can do so right form this very page!) got a first glimpse of the nine new projects I’m launching in 2018, and then less than two hours later Bleeding Cool picked-up on the story, discussing all the projects here. I’m exceptionally excited to be working with so many of my very talented friends on so many great books (and in one case, a tabletop card game), and I never forget for a moment that the success I enjoy is due in large part to the continued support of so many of you out there reading this right now.

Thank you for that.

Below are glimpses at the promotional art we used to announce THE ADVENTURES OF CTHULHU JR. AND DASTARDLY DIRK k (with Scoot McMahon), BUILT ON STRANGE GROUND (a real-life anthology of haunted places featuring a story by me and Sally Scott), COSA NOSTRA (with Dan Dougherty), HOPE (with K Lynn Smith),  NIGHTMARE WORLD OMNIBUS and THE NIGHTMARENOMICON (both with a whole slew of my friends), TALES OF MR. RHEE Volume 4 (Seth Damoose and Anthony D. Lee), TWIZTID: HAUNTED HIGH-ONS (with Twiztid, Marianna Pescosta, and Alessandro de Fornasari), and MR. RHEE: SURVIVING THE NIGHTMARE WORLD (Greenbrier Games).

Thanks again for your support, everyone! I’ll keep the “Signings and Appearances” tab updated as I (inevitably) add more conventions and signing appearances to my already busy 2018 schedule… and I look forward to staying in touch with you all via the monthly e-mail newsletter (have you signed-up for it yet?) and via social media.

That being said, onwards to the previews of what 2018 is going to bring!

Your friend in comics,
Dirk Manning

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"If I capture the creature, I will finally be made an official member of E.V.I.L. at last!"

First Issue Release Date:  Spring 2018
Publisher: TBD


Featuring the short story "The Bridge Where Carrie's Eyes Changed Color" (illustrated by Sally Scott)

Release Date: March 2018 Publisher: Peppermint Monster Press


"You're gonna help me find out who killed me, brother o' mine, whether you like it or not!"

First Issue Release Date: Spring 2018
Publisher: TBD


"Tell me what you've done with my daughter!"

First Issue Release Date: February 2018
Publisher: TBD


"You know the truth..."

Release Date: Spring 2018
Publisher: Devil’s Due


"We all live in nightmare."

Release Date: Spring 2018
Publisher: Devil’s Due


"I warned you everything you loved would burn!"

Release Date: Spring 2018
Publisher: Devil’s Due


"What if she finds out we ain't real ghost hunters, homie?"

Release Date: Out Now!
Publisher: Source Point Press


Kickstarter Release Date:
Spring 2018
Greenbrier Games