If you’re interested in purchasing a signed copy of any of my books directly from me, I’m happy to make that happen. I usually keep at least a few copies of all my books in stock, so just drop me a line through the Contact page to e-mail me directly and we’ll make that happen! I’m also happy to personalize it for you or a friend! Just plan on two weeks from contact to delivery just to be safe!

That aside, most of my books are available to purchase or order through any/all comic shops and bookstores, so shop local whenever possible! If they tell you they can’t get the book you want (and it’s a book published by Source Point Press) you may wish to check their online store at www.sourcepoint.press. If neither of those options work, feel free to check Amazon or contact me directly. I also usually have copies of all my in-print books at my convention and signing appearances (see: Events Calendar page on this site) while supplies last… but, again, don’t hesitate to reach out if you don’t want to wait!

Thanks for your support… and happy reading!

Dirk Manning

Illustration by Ani Hanneyan